Ruth Knolla
We own a restaurant and have had difficulty finding company that paid attention to detail. ICT did a fantastic job. Will use again!
tammie vetter
Ict post construction in thorough,hardworking and fast. They had so much work to do and the job was completed in two days I was amazed by the Quality of their Work! Would recommend to my friends 10 times over!
Amanda Hammond
Fast, dependable service! I recommend ICT post-construction cleaning to family and friends because they don't disappoint. They always have a can-do attitude and upbeat spirit to get the job done right every time.
Mandi Lopez
Very thorough and detail oriented. Great customer service and punctuality. Goes above and beyond and gets the job done right.
They did a great job getting my house to sell. They were very thorough and easy to work with. I will definitely use again.
This team is amazing! They are friendly, thorough, and efficient. Easy to communicate with as well when your schedule may change. Love having a sparkling clean home thanks to them!
ICT Post Construction Cleaning does a fantastic job every time they clean my house. Their work is very thorough and I have referred them to many friends and neighbors.
Aide Lopez
Have a great team to come out and get it done!